What Are Badge Lanyards?

Have you ever wondered what they call the looped cord that carries your identification card at all times? These are called badge lanyards. They are worn around the neck so that your identification cards will remain visible at all times and are secured as well. They can be worn within an area where identification cards are very important.

These lanyards are not just used for identification purposes. They are also used to secure an item to prevent it from getting lost. For policemen, they use it to secure their whistles. With soldiers, they use lanyards to secure their pistols. Lanyards are also used to secure important keys and items which are used all the time.

LeyardsNowadays, badge lanyards are most often used to bring around a person’s ID instead of a traditional pin. A person’s ID is more visible this way and is more convenient to wear. Companies and other organizations would use lanyards of different colors to tell which department a person belongs to. Sometimes it also tells the position of the person in the company. Schools and universities would have their lanyards in different colors as well to indicate a student’s seniority. The school’s colors can sometimes be used on the lanyard itself.

During special events, some souvenirs or giveaways would include special badge lanyards. Often times, other items like button pins, badges, stickers and tags would be included and all will have the name and logo of the event.

An attachment will be present at the end of a lanyard where different items can be attached. It can be identification cards, badges and card keys. Sometimes, coin purses or ordinary keys can be attached to it. Some attachments are sturdy enough to hold a cellular phone or a portable music player.

A lanyard can be fully customizable. Depending on your preferences, you can put any kind of design on it. For companies and schools, their name or logo will be put directly on the lanyard itself. You can also change the color and the width of the lanyard. This kind of design gives an advantage to schools and companies so that they can identify the wearer easily.

Kinds of Badge lanyards
There are different kinds of lanyards, such as:
1.Woven Lanyard.

This kind of lanyard is made with polyester. It is usually available in one color, but the design on it is woven directly into the lanyard, ensuring that the design will not fade or get removed. The downside is that the design that can be added is restricted to simple designs only.

2.Dye Sublimated Lanyard.

This is the most customizable kind. Most schools and companies would use this kind because of the versatility of its application. You can add any kind of design and any color that will be printed directly to the lanyard. The added feature is that the design is applied using a heat press. This ensures that the design gets embedded onto the fabric of the lanyard and it will not fade.

3.Polyester Lanyard.

This is the cheapest and the most common among all available lanyard types. The design is added through the means of the silkscreen method. The design usually comes in only one color. If the design is poorly applied, it can chip off and fade.

4.Tubular Lanyard.



This kind also uses polyester as the material but the lanyard is made using a different method. Tube stitching is used to create the lanyard. This gives the finished product a soft feel. Silkscreen method is initially used for applying the design, but this method can sometimes be combined with the Woven Lanyard type.

5.Nylon Lanyard.

This kind has a shiny finish and is known to be durable. It is usually given away during special events as souvenirs because of how the shiny finish makes it stand out. Silkscreen method is often used to apply the design with a nylon lanyard.

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