Things to Remember in Choosing Golf Apparel

Golf apparel completes a golfer’s ensemble. Though it may not directly affect the play of a golfer, it boosts confidence and still affects the player in some ways. Other golfers consider wearing branded apparel a means of establishing credibility. Some players, those who have achieved a “celebrity” status in the sport, endorse particular apparel. In choosing what to wear in a tournament or even during casual play with friends, remember to choose comfortable but still fashionable apparel to complete your look.


A single play lasts up to six hours. Thus, in choosing golf apparel, comfort is your number one priority. It is hard to concentrate when your clothes or shoes make you uncomfortable. Comfort also refers to wearing the appropriate attire.


Quality is the characteristics of the apparel to withstand wear and tear during a game. Though branded apparel for golf are of excellent quality, you have to remember that price does not always denote quality. There are cheaper ensembles that are still of good quality and can compete with more expensive, branded golf clothing.


Compared to other sports, golf is considered among the most style oriented. Nevertheless, you can wear anything so long as the clothes are in accordance with the club’s dress code, or the tournament’s rulings for apparel. What’s most important is that you are comfortable.


Indeed, comfort is the topmost priority in choosing your wardrobe but you also have to consider appropriateness. Some clothes are comfortable but may be consider too dressy for play.


In official tournaments, a golf player should wear the proper attire that is in accordance with golf rulings. Jeans and jewelry are not allowed. Moreover, golf clubs have their own rulings when it comes to dress codes. Before going to the club, ask for their particular dress code. Learn the do’s and don’ts of the club. Otherwise, the club will not let you play.

Golf apparel ranges from headgear to footwear. Using the four guidelines mentioned, you can effectively choose the right accessories and apparel for use during an informal play or a tournament.

Golf Clothes

For men, the ensemble consists of shirt, pants, or shorts. A jacket or vest is an optional addition to your attire. You may also wear a long sleeves shirt if the weather allows it. For women, the attire consists of a shirt, shorts, skirt, or pants. You can also wear one-piece dress if you prefer. Long sleeves are likewise optional.

Golf ApparelTypically, a golf shirt comes in polo shirt style. Most golfers use the polo style because it is the established norm in the sport. Often, cotton is the preferred material for the shirt since it is cooler than any other clothing material. Length of the pants is just above the shoe and should give you ease of movement.

Golf Gloves

Choose gloves that can aid your grip. The gloves should perfectly fit your left hand. If you could have your gloves tailored for you, it would be so much better. Tailored gloves are superior since a better fit is achieved, even for each finger of the glove.

Golf shoes

Both comfort and quality are important in buying golf shoes because you will spend hours playing golf in a hilly terrain, uneven landscape, or even on sandy golf courses. With ill-fitting shoes, you are exposing your feet and ankles to strain throughout the play.

So, how will you choose the best golf shoes to fit your playing schedule? To best find your fit, shop for shoes in the afternoon when your feet have expanded. Then, wear socks with the same thickness as those you wear when playing golf. During the fitting, take time to evaluate the feel of the shoes in your feet for a few minutes. Walk with the shoes on. Flex your feet to know how exertion feels with the shoes on.

Golf Eyewear

Wearing sunglasses is optional but should be extremely helpful in protecting your eyes during play. Sunglasses are effective when the golf is played under extreme heat conditions especially during summer. Also, it protects your eyes from dust and wind. Besides, you do not have to squint under the sun just to see where you are going.

Other Accessories

Sunblock may not be considered golf apparel but it is definitely essential in your play. There would be times when wearing a jacket or long sleeves is inappropriate due to weather conditions. Applying sunblock lotion protects you from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays (particularly those with ultraviolet light).

Umbrella and golf cap are also essential accessories during play. These items provide additional protection against the sun, wind, and unexpected drizzle.

Golf apparel is stylish. So, if you have a penchant for fashion, you can definitely let it show. However, in choosing your attire, remember ease of movement comes first as it’s crucial for you to execute a good swing. Do not hesitate to invest in your clothing and accessories as these items greatly enhance your playing ability and enjoyment. You can finish the game feeling invigorated instead of feeling irritated due to clothing and footwear discomfort.