Storage Turned House

moveable-containerA storage container is usually used for storing and transporting various items. These items may be as small as your little angel figurines at home to as big as your closets and beds.Moveable Container Storage is a one-stop shop for all your storage needs.Visit moveablecontainer for more information about storage container.However, in the advent of making some big things from small things, a storage container does not only have to be purely for those two purposes; instead, they can now be turned into a nice little house!

The commencement of the use of these storage containers as dwelling places is not really known. No one can really tell when it started. But one thing is for sure, and that is, it is getting popular nowadays.

A storage container is usually made up of durable metal. If you are wondering if this container is enough to protect you from the storm, then this would really be good news to you- storage containers are wind and waterproof! Those heavy rains will not be able to touch you inside the walls of your storage-turned-house. What is even better is that you can have it customized to suit your preference. Whether you want your house built in the woods or anywhere else, then that won’t be a problem. All you need to have is a piece of land.

So how can you actually convert your storage into a cozy little house?

1.Determine your purpose.

The first step in converting your storage container into a house is to determine what it is for. Is it for you and your small family, or is it for you visiting friends or relatives, or will it serve as a “multipurpose hall” where you can actually have some parties? Your answer will determine the type of furniture and decorations that you will need. Determining the purpose will also help you decide how to divide this one big storage into small rooms. Do you need a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, etc.?

2.Check with your city building officers.

After deciding on what you want to do with your container, the next step is to go to your city building department and ask about what other things you need in setting up your house. They will also tell you which documents or permits to file for this purpose. Since the container will be turned into a house, the installation of electrical wires or water facilities within the unit is highly likely, and you may need someone to do this for you, for example, your electricians, technicians, or plumbers.

3.Clean the unit.

One of the most important things in converting this unit into a comfortable dwelling area is to make it clean. If your storage containers are as old as you are, then you might need to have it thoroughly cleaned and inspected for rusts, damage, holes, etc. You might need to contact cleaning companies to do the job because simple cleaning might not suffice.

4.Install wiring and water facilities.

moveable containerSince you have already contacted your electricians, and you have already cleaned the unit, the next step is to install the necessities. Your unit would definitely need some electrical sockets and you need to have them installed before you put in your furniture. Water facilities in the bathroom and kitchen also need to be fixed. Connecting the bathroom drainage into a sewer must be considered, as well as the source of the water.

5.Furnish your little house.

This may or may not be the last step in converting your storage container into a house. In furnishing your unit, you must remember that you should not overly decorate it. You may just need to put in the basics- basic furniture, basic household items, and so on. Choosing a less bulky furniture is also recommended because this makes your house appear more spacious.