Making Custom Patches Work for your Company or Organization

Custom patches are more worthwhile than you think when it comes to promoting your company, cause, or organization. To make them work for you the way you intended to use them, you need to come up with an effective design that tells something about your company, organization, or cause. A picture can say a thousand words, and so does your patch. Make sure that the words you want to convey are clearly depicted on your patch design.

Choosing the Right Concept

You need to come up with a good idea for your patch design to make it effective. You should not settle for something that is only considered “good enough”. You need to think of a theme to follow so your patch would turn out great. Stick to your theme and you won’t send or convey a confusing message to your target audience or clients. Having too many ideas in one design won’t make custom patches effective.

Custom Patches

Your concept or theme must be clear and precise. You need to decide the correct placement of the text that you want to include as well as the font size. Everything should be balanced. Many would want to get your company or organization patch if you have a good concept for your design.

Creating your Design

After conceptualizing your design, it’s time to create the actual pattern for your patch. Remember that you need to come up with an original design so people won’t confuse your patch with the custom patches that other companies or organizations use.

You don’t need to be a skilled or talented artist to draft your design. Most providers have amazing in-house artists who can enhance your drawing. You can put notations regarding the details and other things that you want to include. It is also important to choose the colors that your company or organization logo is associated with. That way, your target client or audience would be able to identify the patch as something that belongs to your company or organization.

If you really can’t draw, then you can describe the design of your patch in writing and make sure that the details are clearly specified. The artist will then create a design based on your description. The finished design will be subject to your approval.

Give your Patch the Right Shape

Choosing the right shape for your patch is also important. Most patch manufacturers offer different patch shapes, and not just the standard shapes that you know. You can even create a custom shape for your patch if the shape makes your patch standout. The primary purpose of your patch is to attract attention in a positive way. You don’t want your target audience to find your patch hideous, you will surely attract their attention but you won’t gain anything from it when that happens.

There are custom patches that still come in traditional shapes, although there are more companies or organizations that prefer the non-traditional or custom shapes.

Size, Color, and Lettering

You need to decide the size of your patch according to your design. If you have too many details that should be included in the patch, then you need to choose a bigger size for your patch. Make sure that all the details that you have included are visible or readable.

You need to choose the right colors that blend well together and won’t strain the eye of your target audience. There are also cases when you need to add striking colors to convey the message more effectively.

Don’t choose a lettering that’s difficult to understand. Use simple lettering, it is usually more effective.

Make your patch work for you by taking design concept, design, shape, color, size, and lettering into consideration. Plan everything carefully to avoid producing less effective custom patches. provides a great varieties of custom patches along with various shapes, sizes and styles  according to need of customer.