Funeral Homes Knoxville, Tennessee: New Ways Of Saying Good-Bye

The funeral is the time when people honor the life of the dead. Yet, the ceremony is not entirely for the dead alone. It is also for the living; for those who mourn and want to express the love and the pain they feel during their loss.

People’s way of expressing sorrow in their bereavement becomes modified as time goes by. Before, the deceased are just being embalmed, sealed and buried six feet underground. Now, there are other ways to “bury” and bid farewell to the dead. Funeral services can also be personalized, depending on the preferences of the family and the deceased. People living in Tennessee need not to worry about the services offered by their Funeral Homes Knoxville Tennessee has a variety of funeral homes that can provide whatever personal funeral service they prefer.


One example of which is the Natural Burial, also known as Green Burial. The idea is to let the body come back from where it came from. The process is just simple. The body does not need to be embalmed. It just has to be placed in a recyclable casket and be decomposed as it is, together with the casket. It can also be performed without enclosing the body to a container. The process is called burial shroud, and is simpler than the above mentioned. The body can either be swathed in strips of cloth like a mummy or wrapped in a large cloth. This kind of burial is not only eco-friendly, but also budget friendly.

There are few funeral homes Knoxville, Tennessee can offer such burial which are Green Burial Council certified.

These funeral homes are scattered in five different locations mostly in Knoxville, so Green Burial is pretty convenient for Knoxville, Tennessee citizens. Furthermore, the Green Burial Council is an organization that sets the standards for Green Burial and provides certification to funeral homes who can meet their standards. Tennessee’s law does not require embalming that is why they have funeral homes that offer Green Burial.

Another new way of “burying” the dead is cremation. Although this one has previously been known to many, cremation can still be a new way of saying good bye in terms of memorial services. Also, it is technically a substitute in case the family or the deceased does not want to be entombed. Some families gather and perform the funeral service in beaches or riversides.

Some cremate the body in the crematory site then place the ashes in an urn and scatter them in bodies of water, or wherever they know that honours the dead. People from Knoxville will not find it difficult though, searching for crematory funeral homes. Knoxville, Tennessee has one that is on-site, meaning the body does not have to be transported to any other crematory sites, which also mean less hassle.

Moreover, here are some examples of personalized memorial services that are found in funeral homes. Knoxville, Tennessee’s several funeral homes provide: releasing of doves and balloons, honoring militaries and other government servants, giving tributes via videos and printed materials, and customizing caskets. There are probably many others that can be included, but these are the common denominator of funeral homes in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Nevertheless, may it be personalized or traditional, whichever the choice may be, it is necessary to look on details and understand that this is something that cannot be done over again. Choosing the right way to say good-bye is an opportunity to cherish the last moments with a deceased loved one, an opportunity to give respect and celebrate the good life the dead had lived, and most importantly, an opportunity to heal and let go.

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