3 Easy Ways to Improve Real Estate Property Pricing

Every seller of any real estate in Long Island wants the same thing, and that is to make more money out of the property as much as possible. A licensed broker can assist you in getting buyers, improving your property and forecasting prices. But as a seller, professional or not, it is your responsibility to make the most out of your property by all means. This includes strategic selling and market placement, to obvious renovations and beautification.

Here are sure ways to appreciate your property’s price.

1. Do an overhaul

real-estate-allocationA painted patio alone may not do much good. A paved garden way will not shine without an enticing garden. Sellers need to know that a major overhaul is the only way to considerably jack up prices, and not individual, useless efforts.

Paint the whole house. Plant ornamental flowers and foli ages in the garden. Clean the driveway and scrub oil blots. Fix the fences and transform bushy trees into topiary arts.

These efforts do not require huge capitals in improving your real estate in Long Island, but compared to investing on house extensions, new installations and replacements of some parts, a practical overhaul gives higher chance of price appreciation.

2. Haggle not with price

Instead of giving a discount of cash credit, be flexible enough to try other tactics and bend the negotiation towards your play. You may want to offer a few extras that are probably not as huge as a property discount, but are utterly convenient and time-saving to the buyer.

Volunteer a remodeling based on the buyer’s preference. Settle a free homeowners’ association membership for months to a full year. Give free furniture and appliances to save them time from buying. Guarantee paid property taxes. Do the computation and you will see that most compounded efforts are even cheaper than what you may lose in a huge selling discount.

3. Do internet marketing

Some expert brokers see a higher possibility of maintaining a high price when a property is being marketed over the internet, most especially if it is receiving good feed backs over the web. An example of a practical approach is to make a video presentation of your property, post it in You tube and have it shared to other social media networks. Sell every part of the house like it is a new product in the Home Shopping Network.

real estate

Your goal is simple. Get as much attention and praises from viewers while establishing a reputation for your real estate in Long Island. This gives the illusion that your property is famous or admired by many, including potential buyers. A simple like or thumbs up will give the illusion that a possible competitor is already planning to buy, which will prod another and real buyer to make a decision fast. When the buyer is already in the hurrying end, then, the game already goes to your favor.

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